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Start Your Journey
Start Your Journey

Start Your Journey

Hey you, are you ready to embark on the best adventure yet? If so then you've touched down on the perfect page! 

Starting your aviation journey can be an exciting yet overhwhelming process, luckily for you, our community has already been through it all and are here to welcome you, support you, encourage you, and most importantly be there for you through the highs and lows. 

It's like your own personal cheer squad! How cool is that? 

We understand that it can be quite an overwhelming process especially if you are unsure of where to even begin! That's why we have listed a few links below to hopefully help you out and make this process as simple as possible for you. Scroll down to see some advice from our crew members and to browse career pathways. 

Learn To Fly

If you could tell your beginner Pilot self one thing what would it be?

Where can a career in aviation take you?

The sky really isn't the limit...browse just a few of the possibilities below:

Cabin Crew

Travel for a living! 

Do you live for a slick bun and red lip moment? Do you have excellent customer service skills and love to travel! Then the cabin is the place for you. As a cabin crew member you will deliver necessary safety instructions to your passengers and ensure they are 'maxo relaxo' during flight! 

Aviatrix Australia does not offer training to become an air hostess / cabin crew however, we recommend researching the airline you wish to pursue a career as an air hostess with - their website should take you directly through the steps to enrol.

Flight Training

The golden rules with commencing your flight training and choosing a flight school is:

1. Do your research!

2. Be ready for change.

Whilst it sounds broad - researching and finding a flight school that fits you even if it's not in your home town is key.

Aviatrix Australia Pilot training is facilitated by Townsville Helicopters and Townsville Flight Training. CASA authorised pilot training facility., operating from our private hangar adjacent to Townsville's main International Airport. 

This ones for the girls....

With visits from the theory therapy pup, to social events, coffee catch ups with the crew plus cheese platters and winedowns with the girls, it’s the most fun you’ll have whilst ‘studying.’ There’s room in our crew and we’d love to have you.

However, whilst we would love to meet you and offer you the benefits of training with our sister brands we understand that a move away from home to tropical paradise might not be suitable for you in this moment, even though you're not training with us, Aviatrix Australia is still here to encourage you to join the industry and take to the sky! Wherever, your flightpath takes you, know that we will always be here to support you during your training and cheer you on from the sidelines. Aviatrix Australia is for all women in or interested in aviation, in all roles.

Here's our hot tips for looking for a flight training provider. 

Our Tips:

  • Not sure if it's for you? Book in for a trial introductury flight (TIF) - most flight schools offer these! It's a great way to see if sitting in the Pilot seat is somewhere you'd like to be. 
  • Try before you buy - If you are interested in training at a particular flight school but still unsure if it's the one for you then request to chat to an instructor or ask to go into their Hangar for a tour! Meet the team and see the aircraft you will be training in before you commit. 
  • Are they listed as an RTO? Can you get student loans or assistance with funding? Is this something you need to consider? 
  • Research, research, research...... and again! It sounds super boring but don't be discouraged, if you are really stuck and unsure of where to begin. Also P.s. hop onto our instagram @aviatrix_australia and you might see a Pilot in your area. Don't be afraid to reach out and message them to see how or where they got started. 
  • Ask questions! We don't expect you to be an expert just yet. No question is ever a 'silly' question and your student enrolment liaison should be willing to assist you with any issues! If you have questions for flight training such as which path you'd like to take (fixed wing or rotary) then our office staff are here to chat with you and guide you in the right direction - (07) 4772 4998

It all starts with the first step... let's make some magic happen girl! 

Air Traffic Control

Air traffic controller .... aka the safety gods and goddesses of the sky. They are like the friend with the pretty pink daily planner who is always super organised and has a great attention for detail. 

Are you that friend? To read more about ATC jobs and training Click here

Aviation Fire Rescue

She protect, she attack (fires) and most importantly we need her in the Aviation Fire and Rescue Fighters Pack! 

This specialist area of fire fighting is a unique and rewarding job day in and day out which is vital for the safety of the sky. 

We asked Townsville's Leading Aviation FireFighter Sarah what her 3 most favourite parts of the job were: 

 Three things I love about my job:

1. I love helping people, especially when they could be having one of their worst days.
2. I love the camaraderie; you and your team must work as one machine to achieve our desired outcome. 
3. I love how we never stop learning, there is always evolving practices, new equipment/aircrafts. No one callout is like the other. 

For more information on how to join the super inspiring Sarah click here

Student Testimonials

Already an Aviatrix? 

We would love to support your journey! Whilst originally our main goal was to grow the percentage of female pilots in Australia, we believe it is just as important to strengthen and bring together those who are already in the aviation industry and pride ourselves on the community of incredible women we have brought together. 

We know you can’t be what you can’t see and we would love to highlight your achievements, head to our socials to stay up to date on the many ways to be involved with the Aviatrix Australia community as well all our upcoming events.